Dog saved from drain as rescuers joke they’re glad to have not found ‘Pennywise’

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A rescuer centre has gone viral after saving a dog from a storm drain, joking that they were relieved not to have rescued movie villain Pennywise.

The City of San Antonio Animal Care Services were called by a local resident who saw the dog while out walking with her son.

And a rescue plan to save Jupiter was put in place by one of the team members.

Taking to Facebook to recall what happened earlier this week, the centre wrote: “We get it…storm drains can be a little scary (thanks Pennywise!).

“Most everyone avoids them but not Jupiter.

“We’re still not sure how this pretty lady wound up in the underground drainage system, but a good samaritan noticed she was trapped a few days ago while out walking with her son.

“She also happened to see our Animal Care Officer, Sewell, who was nearby on another call.

“As Officer Sewell approached the drain, Jupiter popped out her part of her head from the tight concrete opening – she seemed alert and friendly, but (understandably) not thrilled about her predicament.

“While Officer Sewell waited for further assistance from Officers DeLaCruz, Garcia, and Cadet Prescott, a pair of kittens wandered over after hearing Jupiter’s yelps.

“Soon, an entire group of officers, neighbourhood residents, and two curious cats were waiting to see the rescue unfold.”

Jupiter was saved after the heavy cover on the drain was removed.

Officers Sewell and DeLaCruz “shimmied” down into the space, with a harness rope, and pulled the dog out.

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They said: “This big girl was so patient while our officers got her ready to be lifted out of the drain!

“In a manner of minutes, Jupiter was free, and after an examination at the ACS veterinary clinic, she got a clean bill of health.

“Her thankful family was able to be reunited with her later that afternoon and we assume there’ll be no more roaming for Jupiter after this adventure."

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The rescue team were praised for their actions, as comments piled up on the post – which has ben shared 65 times, so far.

One person wrote: “Thank you for all you do! Poor baby! Glad she is ok!”

While another said: “You guys are amazing!!!”

How the dog got into such a small space, however, is unknown.

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