Dog plummets 65 foot down cliff – but lucky pup rescued ‘without a scratch’

.An excitable spaniel who plummeted 65ft off a cliff during a walk was rescued by firefighters without a scratch.

Chester's owner feared the worst when the dog stopped wailing after plummeting over the edge, but the lucky pooch had landed on a narrow ledge just inches from a sheer drop of almost 100ft.

Firefighters dashed to the cliffs at Titterstone Clee Hill in Shropshire after Chester’s owner dialled 999 on Tuesday morning, Birmingham Live reports.

A specialist rope rescue team from Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service spent an hour carefully clambering down the rocks to reach the dog.

The firefighter used dog biscuits to coax Chester into a rescue basket before lowering him to the ground.

Station manager of Shrewsbury Fire Station Scott Bishop said: “The owner said Chester had gone straight over the side and they had spent about an hour trying to coax him back with food but with no luck.

“Our specialist rope rescue team retrieved the dog after it had fallen 20 metres down a cliff at Titterstone Clee Hill.

“One firefighter descended from the top of the cliff using ropes, before rescuing Chester and safely delivering him to his owners at the bottom.”

Dramatic pictures show the sheer cliff the dog had fallen over after losing its footing.

They also show the heroic firefighters who lowered themselves down the cliffs to save Chester.

At the end of April, a terrier was lucky to survive after breaking its leg when it fell about 100 feet down a cliff onto a North Yorkshire beach

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Five-year-old Frank fell off the cliff in Cayton Bay when walking with his owner Stewart Wragg, 63.

Frank has now had surgery and is expected to make a full recovery.

RSPCA officer Claire Little, who helped Frank get back his owners, warned dog walkers of the perils of walking near cliffs.

“I would just like to remind people walking on coastal paths it is often good to put their dogs on leads in these areas. Often dogs can get excited with all the sights and sounds and even older pets may wander further than they normally do," she said.

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