Disgusting moment woman’s entire home was flooded with months of stinking poo

A woman has had to flee from her new home due to a sewage explosion from her toilet that has left it covered in poo.

Stomach-churning footage posted on social media by Mikayla Collins, 33, shows her housing association property drenched through with brown liquid.

The sewage water consists of human faeces and so amounts to a serious “public health issue”, says Mikayla, from Chelmsford, Essex.

On top of the horrible brown coating covering her flat, there are streaks of wet toilet roll unfurled across the floor, and the bathtub and toilet are brimming with murky brown liquid consisting of poo and other sewage.

Mikayla moved into the property in December 2020 – but the problems started just ten months later and, last month, she moved into a hotel as her home became uninhabitable.

Mikayla wrote on Facebook: "What you can see is toilet water, washing machine water.. and all kinds of drainage from my upstairs neighbour (not their fault) as well as the contents of what's been flushed down the toilet.

"Yes, that is human s*** you can see!

"There could be any number of diseases in the air inside and around my flat and it is a PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUE!!!

"I'm shouting about this online now because IT'S TIME SOMEBODY BECAME ACCOUNTABLE AND F ** DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT!"

The owner of the property, Sanctuary Housing, has "sincerely apologised" for the inconvenience. It has arranged a deep clean so that Mikayla can return home.

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Sanctuary was contacted for further comment.

In December last year, another unlucky woman (and mum) was forced out of her flat after a toilet eruption showered her home in raw sewage.

Commenting on her domestic nightmare, thirty-one year old Awen Hardy from Nottinghamshire said: "My brand new carpet is ruined, the kids' clothes and shoes are ruined and I'm not sure if the smell will ever come out of the sofa or wardrobe."

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