Diana’s death ‘wasn’t an accident,’ insists top QC who investigated Paris crash

The car crash that killed Princess Diana and her boyfriend Dodi Fayed was not “simply a road accident,” according to a leading lawyer.

Michael Mansfield QC, who represented Dodi’s father Mohamed Al-Fayed at the 2008 inquest into the Princess’s death, said “The idea that it’s purely and simply a road accident is not right”

He said that there is still a number of unanswered questions about what happened in the Pont de l'Alma tunnel on that fateful night 25 years ago, and that the official verdict that Diana and Dodi’s deaths were the result of simple bad luck is wrong.

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“I want to dispel that,” he told The Mirror. “The truth does come to the surface in the end, but somebody’s got to be looking for it in order for that to happen.

“I do think that this is not a ‘case closed’ by any means.

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“There’s much more to come out of this case in the long run, and it will surface somewhere.”

He says that there wasn’t enough investigation of a car and a motorcycle that appeared to “sandwich” the Mercedes carrying Diana, Dodi and bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones as it entered the tunnel.

“Most importantly a black saloon in front was slowing [and] blocking the Mercedes’ progress and a motorcycle behind was tailgating the Mercedes.

“Two witnesses were in the tunnel. I called it a ‘ringside seat’, they were driving in the opposite direction.

“They saw what I call a ‘sandwich’. Neither the British police nor French police have established who was in the saloon in front of the Mercedes nor who was on the motorcycle.

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“How is it that those vehicles haven’t been traced or the people driving them?

Speaking about the result of the inquest in April 2008, Mr Mansfield said: “When you ask people what was the jury’s verdict, they either don’t know or they say it was an accident.

“But accident was not the verdict.

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“That is what the police and others would like to be remembered.

“The coroner drafted five options for the jury… the first was unlawful killing originally related to the grossly negligent driving of the paparazzi.

“We submitted that this did not arise on the evidence because the British police had traced and excluded all the paparazzi photographers from being proximate to the Mercedes when it approached and entered the tunnel.

Mr Mansfield, a campaigning lawyer who has been involved in cases including the Bloody Sunday massacre, Hillsborough, Stephen Lawrence and the Birmingham Six, says that a new inquest could be called if new information came to light.

“Questions still remain about whether this was a staged accident as the ­Princess herself had predicted,” he said.


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