Devastated family say teen ‘shot by police’ in France was ‘killed in cold blood’

Aftermath in Paris over protests after police shoot 17-year-old

The grieving family of a teenager who was killed during a police check want an officer charged with murder, saying their son was “shot in cold blood”. Seventeen-year-old Nael M. was killed at around 8am yesterday in the Paris suburb of Nanterre. A viral video has emerged online of the moment he died.

The clip shows a police officer allegedly holding the teenager at gunpoint before a second officer allegedly says they will put a bullet in his head if he doesn’t get out of his car.

Nael, who worked as a delivery driver, was wounded by a gunshot as he sat at the wheel of his yellow Mercedes and died at the scene.

A passenger in the car was briefly detained and released, and police are searching for another passenger who fled.

Yassine Bouzrou, the lawyer representing Nael’s family said: “This is an extremely serious case, and the video clearly shows that a police officer shot a young man in cold blood.”

And, in a video posted on TikTok, Nael’s mother Mounia called for a “white march” to take place tomorrow at 2pm on Thursday on the Nanterre prefecture, as a “revolt for (her) son”.

Riots have spread through the streets of Paris and surrounding towns as people take to the streets to protest against the police.

The teen’s family have released a photograph since, writing: “The love of my life.”

Nael’s devastated mother said: “I lost a 17-year-old, I was alone with him, and they took my baby away from me. He was still a child, he needed his mother.”

His grandmother said: “I will never forgive them. My grandson died, they killed my grandson. We are not happy at all, I am against the government.”

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France’s government has increased a police presence around the capital and other big cities and called for calm.

The killing prompted nationwide concern and widespread messages of indignation and condolences, including from soccer star Kylian Mbappe.

French President Emmanuel Macron said the young man’s death was “inexplicable and inexcusable.”

It also triggered unrest in multiple towns around Paris. Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said 31 people were arrested, 25 police officers injured and 40 cars burned in overnight unrest.

The Nanterre neighborhood where Nael lived remained on edge this morning, with police on guard around the regional administration, and burned car wreckage and overturned garbage bins still visible in some areas.

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Bouquets of orange and yellow roses were tied to the post where the car crashed after the shooting, on Nanterre’s Nelson Mandela Square.

Macron called for calm and for respect for Nael’s loved ones. Asked about police abuses, he said justice should be allowed to run its course.

“Nothing justifies the death of a young person,” he told reporters in Marseille.

The lawyer for Nael’s family told the Associated Press they want the police officer pursued for murder instead of manslaughter, and want the investigation handed to a different region because they fear Nanterre investigators won’t be impartial.

They refuted a reported statement by the police that their lives were in danger because the driver had threatened to run them over.

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