Deliveroo driver killed by hitting parked lorry 'distracted by phone'

Deliveroo driver, 34, died after his moped smashed into stationary lorry just half a mile from his home because he was ‘distracted by his phone’ inquest hears

  • Marcos Martin, 43, dove into a stationary lorry without breaking in Basingstoke
  • The lorry had its hazard lights on but he ‘failed to appreciate’ the vehicle
  • The Brazilian suffered head injuries and leaves behind wife and daughters
  • ‘In my opinion, the presence of the smartphone suggests [he] was distracted’

A Deliveroo moped driver died after smashing into a stationary lorry in Basingstoke last year as he was ‘distracted by his phone’, an inquest heard.

Tragic Marcos Martin, 43, had only just started a round for the food delivery service and was half a mile from his home on Churchill Way.

The married father of one, from Brazil, drove his 2016 Honda straight into the lorry without braking, on Tuesday, May 19 2020.

He ‘failed to appreciate’ the massive vehicle in front of him, which had its hazard lights on, forensic investigators said.

Mr Martins was likely using his phone at the time of the crash, a coroner ruled, ‘to see and plan his route for the delivery he was making’.

Marcos Vinicius Macedo Martins was driving his 2016 Honda moped around half a mile from his home when he collided with the back of a stationary lorry on Churchill Way, Basingstoke, on Tuesday, May 19 2020. 

He was driving a moped for the food deliver service Deliver, like the one shown in the stock image above. ‘In my opinion, the presence of the smartphone suggests [he] was distracted,’ the cornier said at the inquest. The driver ‘failed to appreciate’ the lorry, it was claimed.

The driver suffered traumatic head injuries in the collision in Basingstoke, Hants, and died in hospital two days later.

He leaves widow Elania and their daughter Alice. The tragic family said losing him has left a “huge void” in their hearts.

Portsmouth Coroners’ Court, Hants, heard he had a quiet day at work and at 5.20pm he left his Basingstoke home on a delivery.

It was a sunny day in May last year and conditions were ‘very good’. But when Mr Martins exited a roundabout he collided with the stationary 2009 S-series Scania.

 Forensic collision investigator PC Andrew Daw said: “The size of the vehicle itself provided ample visibility. There is no forensic evidence that Mr Martins broke, and this raises the question of why he did not see, or recognise the hazard ahead of him.

“He has for reasons unknown failed to appreciate the hazard in front of him and taken no action to avoid a collision.

“It may be that Mr Martins was distracted by something on the roadside, but there is nothing on the HGV CCTV and it is more likely that a distraction on the moped was a contributory factor.

Deliveroo was founded in 2013 in London and now operates in over two hundred locations across the United Kingdom and many other nations around the world. 

“We do not know whether he was using the device, but the smartphone was positioned in such a way that it could be used.

“In my opinion, the presence of the smartphone suggests that Mr Martins was distracted by this device.”

Coroner Christopher Wilkinson gave a conclusion of accidental death, commenting: “The only explanation… can be that in those last few seconds Mr Martins was somehow distracted.

“My view is that it is more likely than not that, having left his home shortly before, he could well have been looking to see and plan his route for the delivery he was making.”

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