Dad charged in toddler death went to jail for son’s drowning

A man charged in the death of his toddler daughter — found in a suitcase near New Jersey train tracks this month — went to jail in connection with his son’s drowning 14 years ago, according to a report.

Travis Plummer, 37, of Richmond Va., spent a year in the slammer after leaving his 8-month-old son unattended in a bathtub, leading to his death, according to 2004 court records and WTVR.

He plead guilty to misdemeanor child neglect as part of a deal.

On Tuesday, Plummer was charged by Hudson County Prosecutors with desecrating the human remains of two-year-old Te’Myah Layauna Plummer — whose body was found April 11 in luggage left on PATH tracks in Jersey City.

The dad has a lengthy rap sheet with Richmond court records showing he was charged with distributing cocaine in 2009 and abduction and child abuse in 2013.

In March, Richmond Police had issued a missing person report for Plummer and his baby girl, which said family members hadn’t seen either of them for five months.

The girl’s mom, Teshauna Cooper, said Plummer told her he’d sent their daughter to live with a friend’s mom in North Carolina.

Cooper didn’t question him because she was afraid he’d hurt her, she told the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

“If I asked too much, I probably would have been choked,” she said. “I probably would have been dead.”

After the girl’s remains were discovered and identified, Plummer was found and nabbed in San Juan, Puerto Rico and is awaiting extradition.

Legal analyst Todd Stone told WTVR that a defendant’s past criminal history can’t be used during his trial.

“They can’t use his criminal history to prove guilt,” Stone said. “It has to be proven with specific evidence. Not what happened in the past in other cases, but what happened in this particular case.”

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