Customers flee in fear as actors dressed as ISIS fighters storm shopping centre

Actors dressed as ISIS fighters stormed an Iranian shopping centre to promote a new film in a bizarre stunt branded the ‘stupidest advert’ ever.

The group wore military-style uniforms and waved guns and swords as they entered the Kourosh shopping centre in Tehran, promoting new film Damascus Time.

While some actors ran into the centre, others were on horseback – sending some shoppers running in panic and confusion.

The fake fighters reportedly threw fast food and sweets around the shopping centre in their bid to create a sense of chaos, reports Buzzfeed .

One clip online also reportedly showed a man shouting at the actors for scaring innocent shoppers.

Last June, a genuine ISIS attack in Iran saw 17 people shot dead at the country’s parliament building and the mausoleum of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

Baffled Twitter users turned to social media to voice their opinions on the strange promotional stunt.

Iranian Journalist Ershad Alijani said: "Isn’t this the most stupid way of "advertisement" for a movie?

"Disguising people like ISIS, marching with a horse in a mall to encourage people to watch ‘Damascus Time’ by Ebrahim Hatamikia."

The film tells the story of two Iranian pilots who travel to Syria to offer humanitarian relief to a city under the control of ISIS fighhters.

Director Ebrahim Hatamikia took to Instagram to apologise for the stunt and any distress it may have caused.

He said: "To the marketing team of Damascus Time: I’ve seen you do incredible work day and night over the past few months; but this demonstration was not worthy of Damascus Time.

"It’s left a really bad taste in my mouth.

"My expectation was that a man with a red beard would be standing outside of the Kourosh complex for people to take pictures with him.

"No horses, no crowds, no screaming. And even then I didn’t imagine it would be inside the complex; I was completely unaware of this.

"To those who were hurt and offended by this act — including the shop owners of the complex — if I have upset you or caused distress, please forgive me and accept my sincerest apologies."

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