Criminal on day release gets busted having sex with his girlfriend in car while two children are in the backseat

A CRIMINAL out on day release has been busted for having sex in a car outside a row of shops while two children were in the backseat.

Police said Torrey Rudisil, 28, and his girlfriend Taylor Skursky, 26, were charged with disorderly conduct as a result of their behaviour in the car park at Gettysburg Outlets, in Pennsylvania, on Sunday.

The pair were caught at 12.30pm after a passer-by spotted their amorous display.

State police said they got a call saying the couple appeared to be having sex in their car which was parked next to the cinema alongside a row of shops.

When cops arrived on the scene, they found two children in the backseat.

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They were spotted by a passerby appearing to have sex in front of the two childrenCredit: facebook reported Rudisil was out on a work release program when he was picked up by police.

Child and Youth Service officers were also called to check on the condition of the youngsters, who would have witnessed what the pair were getting up to.

Rudisil was remanded to Adams County Prison after he was charged with disorderly conduct.

He has a rap sheet which includes resisting arrest.

His partner, Taylor Skurksy, who is living in Sykesville, Maryland, was arrested last August for shoplifting and was given a fine.

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