Crack-cocaine nan ‘addicted to shoplifting’ went on crime spree while on bail

A grandmother with a long history of various charges has been brought to court again, even though she had made the choice to "turn her life around".

Leanne Stapleton, a 40-year-old grandmother-of-four appeared at Teesside Magistrates' Court on Friday, as a result of committing a string of offences while on police and court bail.

The repeated offender who is reportedly "addicted" to shoplifting was remanded, sobbing, into custody on Monday.

Leanne, who also has an addiction to crack cocaine, was put on bail after stealing £18 worth of meat from Lidl and over £200 worth of toiletries from Superdrug.

According to TeesideLive, she also stole clothes from New Look, as well as various other items from Poundloud and other shops across Middlesbrough.

But despite telling the judge that she was going to "turn her life around" and that she was "actually tired of it all now", Leanne proceeded to go on a criminal spree just days after.

The mum had been given a second chance when a judge had reportedly asked for "fresh reports to be prepared".

Nevertheless, On September 21, just days after appearing in court, she went on to help herself to some shampoo and fabric conditioner, valued at £17.65.

Thus began a series of thefts, which saw the kleptomaniac stealing clothes and beauty products from different stores.

On Saturday, October 23, she committed her last crime stealing £53 worth of items from New Look on Linthorpe Road.

When Leanne was once again brought to court, a probation service representative who explained the pre-sentence report carried out on Friday said it was "difficult to get a thorough explanation" for the troubled grandmother’s thefts as Leanne had led a "chaotic lifestyle".

Indeed, she had been misusing drugs, "including crack cocaine, on a daily basis".

According to TeessideLive, the probation officer said Leanne feels she has an "addiction to stealing", stating it is a "compulsion", but "she knows it is wrong".

She added: "But that isn’t to say it isn’t to fund her drug use."

Moreover, the defence solicitor reportedly told the court how her client is "riddled with guilt" over her pregnancy.

She described Leanne as "extremely vulnerable" with "certain needs" and "addictions".

The solicitor added: "I don’t just mean drugs, I mean this type of offending."

Leanne was sentenced to 26 weeks in custody and was ordered to pay a total of £160 compensation to be split for various stores she has stolen from.

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