COVID-19: Supermarket forced to apologise for ‘super spread’ advert

A US supermarket was forced to apologise after it encouraged people to offer their guests a “super spread” at Thanksgiving.

Giant Foods advertised its festive sharing platters with the tagline “Hosting? Plan a super spread”.

It sparked widespread condemnation on social media, with many branding it insensitive in light of the coronavirus pandemic, which has killed more than 250,000 people in the US.

With case numbers still surging in most states, Americans are being discouraged from gathering in large groups.

Others made reference to President Donald Trump’s Rose Garden event at the White House on 26 September, which was later branded a “super spreader” after he, the first lady and several others tested positive for COVID-19.

Giant Foods, which has branches across Washington DC, Maryland and Delaware, said its choice of words was “poor”.

Apologising for the campaign, which featured in its December magazine, a social media spokesman said: “This did not come across as we intended. This was an oversight on our team’s part, and we apologise.

“We wish you a safe and happy holiday season.”

In a longer statement to Washingtonian magazine, it added: “While, in hindsight, the choice of words was a poor one, Giant had no intentions of insensitivity.

“We continue to encourage people to practice safe social distancing practices for celebrating the holidays in line with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations.”

President-elect Joe Biden has claimed that more people will die of the virus in the US if Mr Trump does not agree to a smooth transition of power.

With the president refusing to concede the election, which he claims was won fraudulently, Mr Biden’s plans for a COVID-19 task force cannot get underway.

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