COVID-19: Hong Kong to ban all British travellers after adding UK to ‘extremely high-risk’ list

Hong Kong is to ban all British travellers after putting the UK back on its “extremely high-risk’ coronavirus list.

The move – which the government said in a statement will be come into effect from this Thursday (1 July) – aims to curb the spread of the Delta COVID variant, first identified in India.

It is expected to have a big impact on business travellers, and comes days after quarantine rules for visitors were beefed up.

It means anyone who has been in Britain for more than two hours will be restricted from entering Hong Kong.

Hong Kong has already banned arrivals from India, Nepal, Pakistan and the Philippines.

Last week it banned passenger flights from Indonesia after imported COVID-19 cases from there crossed thresholds set by the global financial hub.

Hong Kong’s flight suspension rule is triggered if five or more passengers test positive on arrival, or 10 or more passengers are found to have any strain of the coronavirus while in quarantine.

The region has recorded more than 11,800 cases and 210 deaths so far since the start of the pandemic.

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