Couple ‘try to lure two girls into their car with bribes of a puppy’

A couple reportedly tried to coax two little girls into their car by asking if they wanted to pet a puppy.

The 11-year-old school girls had been walking home through a car park when a man and a woman are said to have bribed the girls with a dachshund.

According to the terrified girls the pair had told them that they could take the puppy home if they got in the car.

The incident happened at around 3.40pm on Wednesday, in the Queens Hill area of Costessy in Norfolk.

The girls ran off, and the man and woman drove away in the Longwater direction.

The mother of one of the girls told police that the man had asked them: ‘Do you want to stroke the puppy…get in the car and you can have it’.

He was in the passenger seat, sitting sideways with the door open.

The girls were ‘really shaken up and frightened’ by the possible attempted abduction according to their families.

Luckily their school did a ‘safety class’ about not talking to strangers a few days ago so it was fresh in their minds.

Local families are now warning their children amid fears the pair could strike again.

One mum-of-two who asked not to be named said: "If it had been younger children, they might well have been tempted to get into the car to see the puppy."

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The woman, who was driving the car, is described as in her late 20s or early 30s, with short hair in a bob.

The man was around 35 years old, white, wearing a black baseball cap and a dark shade of jumper.

Police Inspector Simon Atherton said "We have been to see the family of the girl who reported this.

"We have not been able to identify the vehicle. We welcome any person with information to come forward."

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