Couple rescue adorable kitten after hearing ‘crying’ in their garden at night

A couple have welcomed an adorable new addition to their home after they heard "crying" in their garden.

Reddit user @karriee73 posted a photo of a fluffy kitten in the popular forum r/aww, along with the caption: "Heard crying in our backyard Friday night and we found her."

The tiny feline looks like a tabby, with mottled fur and the breed's signature "M" marking above her enormous eyes.

In the post, the Reddit user explained she and her husband were finally able to trap the kitten on Saturday and took her to the vet the following day where she was checked for a microchip — but none was found.

She said they checked their local area for reports of missing cats but have not found anything to suggest the kitten has any owners missing her, so her backstory remains a mystery although she's assumed to be a stray.

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The kitten — who has been given the name Delilah — also had to have one of her paws shaved so the vet could give her an IV for fluids and antibiotics, as she was dehydrated with a fever and a respiratory infection.

Delilah seems to be doing well now, with her age estimated to be around 10 weeks old.

@karriee73 says she's a "purring machine" who is slowly coming around to her new home.

The post has received more than 100,000 "upvotes" and commenters have fallen in love with Delilah, calling her a "cutie" and a "precious little biscuit".

"So glad you helped out, poor thing must have been petrified," one commenter said.

Her new owner replied: "She was very scared but she is definitely getting over it," she replied.

"She is now allowing cuddles and nose boops."

Another commenter remarked on Delilah's "smooshable" round face, but @karriee73 said she's "just floofy".

"The vet said she needed to put a little weight on her," she added.

It's unknown where in the world the couple and their new kitten are located, although the vast majority of English-speaking Reddit users are American.

The user's previous comments indicate they already own an English bulldog, and commenters have suggested if they keep Delilah they should adopt a second kitten to keep her company.

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