Couple Facebook shamed over noisy sex ‘that sounds like a donkey giving birth’

A randy couple have been shamed by an angry neighbour who claims their noisy sex is disturbing locals on hot summer nights.

The neighbour compared the woman’s sounds to "a cross between a donkey giving birth and a very large excitable pig" in a Facebook post outing the amorous pair.

It claims the lovers have been enjoying loud sex with their windows open at a home in Stapleford, Nottinghamshire.

But the anonymous neighbour isn’t pleased, telling them to keep their windows closed "or at least make sounds that the rest of us can appreciate", the Nottingham Post reports.

The message was posted to a public Facebook group for locals called Spotted: Stapleford, which has more than 11,800 members.

The group’s followers think it’s hilarious, with one local claiming the sex is so loud neighbours need earplugs.

The anonymous neighbour address their post to "the rather amorous couple".

It read: "I know the heat and sunshine makes us all a bit horny.

"But please think about ALL your very close neighbours who also have their windows open!

"And before anyone gets on at me for moaning….I enjoy listening to a good romp as much as the next person but she sounded like a cross between a donkey giving birth and a very large excitable pig!

"So please, next time, close your windows.

"Or at least make sounds that the rest of us can appreciate? Thanks!!"

Members of the group have poked fun at the neighbour’s complaint and described it as "brilliant" and "hilarious".

One user even suggested the anonymous neighbour was "jealous".

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A group member joked: "We’ll have to keep the noise down next time."

Another wrote: "Is it bad that I know who this is about and before anyone comments it’s not me."

One user posted: "I’m sorry but this made me LOL."

A friend responded to that comment: "You wouldn’t be LOL when you listen to it believe me. Trust me we need ear plugs."

And another user wrote: "Is everyone standing in the street listening?"

Another comment joked that it was a young virgin playing noises through his stereo to make his parents think he had a woman round.

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