Cornwall hit by earthquake which woke up locals as houses 'shook'

Cornwall hit by a 1.5 magnitude earthquake which woke up locals who felt a ‘rumble’ and houses ‘shake’

  • Earthquake hit Cornwall with epicentre in Penryn at around 6.30am this morning
  • Quake 14 miles away and one local says her stone cottage ‘shook’ from the force

Cornwall was hit by an earthquake this morning as locals said they felt a ‘rumble’ and houses ‘shake’ as the earth moved beneath them.

The quake which had a magnitude of 1.5 of the Richter scale happened at around 6.30am this morning in Penryn around two miles west of Falmouth.

The British Geological Survey said the earthquake in Cornwall happened at a depth of 1.25miles (2km).

Cornwall residents took to social media to discuss the quake, with one user in Helston saying the stone cottage she lived in ‘shook’.

At 6.39am this morning she tweeted: ‘Just heard what I believe was an earthquake near Helston UK. The stone cottage I live in just shook!! Woke all the birds up too.’

Map showing where a 1.5 magnitude earthquake hit Cornwall this morning

She later added: ‘Helston was woke at 6.30am this morning to a large tremor. House shook. Multiple people verified the same sound/feeling.’

A user on website Volcano Discovery said they felt a light shaking which lasted between five and ten seconds in Helston. They described the quake as: ‘Rolling rumble. Sound not too dissimilar to a long rumble of thunder.’

This morning’s earthquake does not appear to have caused any significant damage to the area, as Volcano Discovery described it as merely a ‘light shaking’.

Some reports say the impact was felt 14 miles away in Portleve.

On social media some residents say they felt a ‘rumble’ that had a sound similar to a ‘large vehicle’, CornwallLive reports.

One local initially thought the rumbling sound was thunder, and another who lives 10 miles from Helston heard the noise and felt a ‘shake’.

Cornwall residents took to social media to discuss the quake, with one user in Helston saying the stone cottage she lived in ‘shook’. Pictured: File photo of the old working harbor at mullion cove near Helston, Cornwall

A local described the sound of the earthquake as a ‘massive rumble’ that ‘sounded a bit like thunder but clearly wasn’t.

One resident had a confusing experience as the earthquake sounded like a ‘great big truck was coming towards the house’, despite the fact they don’t live near a road.

They said the noise ‘got louder then the house shook and it went away’. 

The last earthquake to be recorded in Cornwall had a magnitude of 0.5 and happened in late October last year. It occured at 6.42pm in Penpol, near Truro, on October 25.

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