Cops tell Saints player Marshon Lattimore, ‘You’re gonna’ shoot your d–k off’ during arrest

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An Ohio cop warned New Orleans Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore, “You’re gonna’ shoot your d–k off,” after the officer found a firearm tucked in the NFL’s waistband during a car stop last month, police body-cam footage shows.

Lattimore, 24, was arrested and charged with carrying a concealed weapon and receiving stolen property after Cleveland police stopped a vehicle he was riding as a passenger in on March 26.

In the police body-cam footage, obtained by TMZ Sports, officers can be seen swarming the car Lattimore was riding in before directly confronting him.

“You guys got anything besides weed in here? I can smell it,” an officer says in the footage.

A cop then asked Lattimore if there were any guns inside the vehicle — and the football player admitted that he had a firearm located in his groin area.

“Is it loaded? Is it gonna’ go off?” an officer asks Lattimore, who confirmed it was loaded.

As the cop removed the weapon from Lattimore, he warned, “You’re gonna’ shoot your d—k off.”

Another officer added, “Get yourself a holster, bro.”

During the interaction, Lattimore kept both of his hands raised.

At one point, cops realized that Lattimore was a player for the Saints.

“The amount of stuff you got going for you, bro,” a cop can be heard telling Lattimore in the footage.

“It’s not like you’re a, you know, f—king chump out here, bro,” the officer says.

The three other people who were in the car with Lattimore were also arrested.

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