Cops hunt dog killer who brutally stabbed twins’ support dogs in vicious attack

Cops are hunting for an alleged puppy killer after a set of twins were left heartbroken after one of their support dogs was stabbed to death.

The Brown family, of Roseville, Michigan, said their puppies escaped after a storm hit the area on September 15.

Jnixx and Saiji, who are both 10 months old, reportedly got loose after they climbed onto a wrecked tree and then out into the garden.

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The adorable puppies are said to have came face to face with a man who was walking his black terrier in the afternoon.

Neighbour Brad Somervell said he saw the dogs covered in blood and alerted the police.

"The dogs were wrapped around him a few times and he had a pocketknife and there was blood on it," he told Fox 2.

"And I asked what happened and he said the dogs came out of nowhere and attacked him."

Mum Veronica Taylor said the puppies belonged to her twin daughters.

"He stabbed my boy dog in between the eyes and in the side," she explained.

"He viciously just attacked them."

Her daughter Versharria Brown said the dogs were gushing with blood when she caught up with them.

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"The other man was still yelling from the side, and I'm like they're puppies," Versharria told Local 4.

"They are only 10 months old. They don't bite or nothing."

The man has been described to be aged between 60 and 65 years old and is bald with a scruffy goatee.

Mum Veronica says she has seen him a "thousand times" walking his dog past the house before but hasn't seen him since the attack.

She believes the stabbing was motivated by a "hate crime" after she reportedly heard him using racial slurs before he ran off.


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