‘Contradictory’ Harry slammed by expert for ‘eye-crossing’ portrayal of Queen

Prince Harry has been slammed for his "contradictory" and "eye-crossing" portrayal of the late Queen of England in his book, Spare.

The Duke of Sussex found himself in hot water with royal expert Daniela Elser, who claims that the "contradictory" book tries and fails to avoid criticising the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Elser goes one further and questions what the longest-reigning English monarch would have made of the book and its "tale of woe and palace failures".

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Writing in her recent column, Elser lambasted Prince Harry for his comments, which have been passed during a time where the Royal Family is allegedly "irretrievably dysfunctional", the expert claimed.

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Writing for news.com.au on the view Harry holds of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, Elser writes that the "contradictory" view is hard to swallow.

She wrote: "This is the contradictory, eye crossing part of the book – Harry’s attempt to denounce the inner mechanics of the monarchy while trying to ensure that none of that criticism gets anywhere near his adored Granny (who clearly adored him right back).

"Given it would seem that much of Spare was written while Her Majesty was alive, what, I wonder, would she have made of her grandson’s tale of woe and of palace failures?"

Elser has further questioned how the Royal Family has fared after both the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the release of the Duke of Sussex's memoir.

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She added: "While the Queen might be remembered for her steadfastness, her unswerving sense of duty, her commitment to the Crown, if there is one major takeaway from Spare, it is sadly what an irretrievably dysfunctional family – and family business – she has left behind."

It comes as Elser labelled the portrayal of the Queen from Harry's perspective as "unintentionally less-than-always-flattering".

Despite the "tricky territory", it would appear that Elser is unconvinced as the Duke finds himself walking "the same tightrope that he has for years now, trying to separate his grandmother from The Firm."

The Queen appears to have fared better in Spare than the likes of Camilla Parker Bowles, who Daily Star reported was seen as a "wicked stepmother" by the royal.

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