‘Completely brainwashed’ Ukrainian dad cuts off Russian relatives ignoring evidence

Ukrainian dad has 'nothing to say' to brainwashed Russians

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Ukraine resident Alex Dayrabekov said his relatives are “completely brainwashed” after trying to talk to them about the invasion. Mr Dayrabekov, who has been documenting his life raising a child in a conflict zone, said he will not waste energy trying to change his Russian relatives’ minds. He told CNN: “I tried for the first week to talk to my relatives who I know in Russia and they are completely silent.

“They are completely brainwashed.

“I don’t want to spend my energy on that.

“I’m going to collect the evidence, I’m going to help the victims and I’m going to do everything possible.

“The international trials will happen and those who did it will pay.”

It comes as Britain has no plans to expel Russians from the London embassy over the Ukrainian invasion because only a few of Moscow’s spies remain, Western officials have conceded.

Further action was not ruled out but one official suggested there are not “very many” Russian intelligence officers left in the capital after the expulsions over the Salisbury poisonings.

A warning was also issued that the more than 130,000 new conscripts signed by Vladimir Putin is “unusually high” and that some of those could be sent to Ukraine.

Moscow’s forces in Georgia after the 2008 invasion were also on watch for redeployment to Ukraine to bolster the Russian president’s struggling troops.

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Lithuania said on Monday it will expel Moscow’s ambassador to its nation amid concerns as it condemned the “brutal massacres” in the town of Bucha, from where Russian troops have been pushed back.

There were questions over whether the UK would take action against the Russian embassy in London over concerns it is pushing propaganda.

The Western official said: “A number of European partners have expelled Russian diplomats, principally intelligence officers.

“Because of all the action we took after Salisbury we actually don’t have very many of that category of Russian in the embassy in London at the moment. So while we keep it under review we have no plans at the moment.”


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The UK expelled 23 Russian diplomats in response to the Salisbury poisonings with the Novichok nerve agent in 2018, when Boris Johnson was foreign secretary.

Ministers have hit out at “fake news” emanating from the Russian embassy in the capital, with Twitter removing disinformation about a hospital bombing in Mariupol.

The official also issued a warning that defence intelligence suggests Russia is “redeploying elements” of forces in Georgia to bolster the invasion of Ukraine.

“We don’t think this was planned, it’s a very odd thing for the Russian military to do so we expect it’s indicative of the problems they’re having in Ukraine,” they said.

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