Coffee chain charging £86 for 250ml drink blasted over ridiculous prices

A coffee chain that is charging a maddening £86 for a 250ml cup of coffee has been blasted over the ridiculous price.

Angry swarms of caffeine lovers have taken to mocking Proud Mary Café, who proudly announced their heftily priced brew would be released later this month.

Coffee lovers with deep pockets can look ahead to February 6, when the $150 (£86) cup is up for sale in the Portland, Australia-based coffee house.

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But the chain appears rather pleased with its coffee and the ludicrous price, reminding their potential buyers that what they have on their hands is an award-winning beverage that is well worth the price.

A statement from Proud Mary's senior vice president, Matt Lounsbury, said: "The coffee is so expensive because it’s currently the highest accoladed coffee in the world and recently won the Best of Panama, the most prestigious coffee competition in the world.

"Proud Mary encourages consumption of the coffee on its own due to its level of premium quality."

That means oat milk would cost a little extra, according to OregonLive, with the Australia-based chain only selling 22 cups of the award-winning drink.

Even with that, a number of people have taken to mocking the massively pricey cup of coffee.

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Quality coffee may be a nice treat from time to time, but £86 appeared too much for a number of Twitter users, with one clearly less than impressed with regular pricing, let alone an awards-winning price.

They wrote: "Not sure this is markedly different from the usual prices at Proud Mary".

Another user wrote: "Wow, that's one of the most convoluted marketing schemes to sell tins of coffee we've ever seen. We admire their creativity, but not their prices."

But another user appeared convinced by the overpriced beverage, writing: "I gotta be honest: their marketing is kinda working on me. I want it. I want the elitist coffee. Give it to me."

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