Chris Cuomo slammed for casting doubt over FL Gov DeSantis's coronavirus numbers while never criticizing his NY Gov bro

CHRIS Cuomo was hit on Twitter after he doubted data from Florida's governor – despite never criticizing New York Gov. and brother, Chris Cuomo.

The slam at the CNN anchor came as COVID-19 cases in Florida climbed past 132,000, with 5,931 deaths in the state.

Cuomo, 49, quoted an tweet from ABC, which said: "Hard-hit Florida reports 8,892 new coronavirus cases Monday morning—the first time its daily case count was below 9,000 in at least two weeks, according to data from the state's Department of Health."

The anchorman questioned reporting data from Republican Gov. DeSantis.

"Can we trust the data from florida's governor?" Cuomo wrote.

Twitter users quickly slammed Cuomo – with many noting he never criticized his own brother, Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo, when New York was the nation's coronavirus epicenter this spring.

"Your brother forced over 6,000 coronavirus patients into nursing homes for 46 days," one user wrote.

Another user pointed out that Cuomo and Desantis have been critical of one another.

"Just so we're clear – a CNN anchor is throwing out conspiracy theories about a governor who is in a public feud with the anchor's brother?"

The user added: "You want to talk about voices we can't trust, Chris? Take a look in the vanity mirror."

Another user wrote: "How about dealing with the blood on your brother's hands before spreading conspiracies about other governors."

New York's daily case counts have largely dropped from where it was in the spring, and the state's daily death toll has plummeted.

The state is now third in the nation for virus cases – with California holding the top spot and Florida following in second.

The total death toll in New York, however, remains far higher than any other state, at 32,645.

Deaths in California are at more than 8,455, while Florida is just under 6,000.

Some experts have pointed out, however, that due to the nature of the virus, the number of deaths increases a few weeks after cases spike.

Andrew Cuomo recently blamed Republican leaders who he said "played politics" with coronavirus when asked about comments made by DeSantis.

"You played politics with this virus, and you lost," he told CNN.

“You told the people of this state, you told the people of this country, the White House, ‘Don’t worry about it. Go about your business. This is all Democratic hyperbole.’”

He added: “Now you see 27 states with the numbers going up. You see the death projections going up. You see the economy going down.”

The Cuomo brothers previously made headlines when the news anchor interviewed the NY Gov.

Some users were critical of the interview.

One user tweeted in May: "Why is CNN allowing the governor of New York – the state worst hit by the public health crisis — to be interviewed by his brother, not once, but multiple times?

"I mean, I don't think your typical local paper would allow that conflict of interest?" the user added.

Despite rising virus cases – with record numbers in more than a dozen states in the past week – President Donald Trump said states should be "opening up."

The US remains the top country for virus cases in the world, with more than 4.27million people confirmed to have the virus.

Across the nation, over 147,000 coronavirus deaths have been reported.


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