China 'steals US data, hacks government & spies,' Schiff says as espionage compared to 'climate change' on Morning Joe

CHINA poses a significant cyber threat to the US by stealing data, hacking government agencies, and spying on people, the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee said today.

During his appearance on Morning Joe on Thursday, Rep Adam Schiff detailed the ways in which the communist country was interfering with America in "space, land, sea, and the cyber realm."

 "It is a top threat," Schiff acknowledged, noting that US officials had done a "deep dive" into the matter and that intelligence communities were also aware of it.

"China has one of the most capable cyber hacking and espionage capabilities," he told the MSNBC hosts and former Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency director Chris Krebs.

Schiff noted that this threat ranged from "stealing your private data," "stealing corporate trade secrets" from US business owners, and "hacking into government agencies."

The congressman revealed that China's actions were "affecting our economic competitiveness" when they are just stealing information.

Schiff cited the escalating tension Taiwan, the violent crackdown of protests in Hong Kong and the militarization of the South China Sea as areas of concern.

Likewise, Krebs emphasized the threat the communist country posed and indicated that it was worse than the Kremlin's interfering in the long run as the White House prepares to issue sanctions on Russia today.

He quoted Nasa's Director of Cyber Security Rob Joyce saying that while  "Russia is like a hurricane, China is like climate change."

"It's much more subtle, more patient," he explained, adding that "they lull you to sleep" and "use their soft power very effectively."

Krebs also highlighted how the East Asian country influences politics in local communities, which he described as a "longer-term strategy as opposed to the Russians who are trying to make an impact today."

"They just try to shape the narrative locally," he said.

Meanwhile, Schiff also told hosts Willie Geist, Mika Brzezinski, and Joe Scarborough his thoughts on the White House's incoming sanctions on  Russia, which will reportedly be announced later today.

"Hit them where it hurts," he proclaimed. "It will have a chilling impact as it's designed to"

He highlighted that the measures would also leave the "door open where there are mutual interests" and not eradicate opportunities for both countries to work together.

His comments come as the Biden administration prepares to announce a string of measures against Mowcow on Thursday, according to officials with knowledge of the matter.

The measures will include financial sanctions as well as the expulsion of a limited number of diplomats from the country, according to Bloomberg.

The sanctions will reportedly be an answer to Russian hacking of government and private networks, and a range of other activity.

The sanctions would come after President Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke on Tuesday, with Biden reportedly telling the Russian leader that the US would act to defend its interests.

Biden reportedly also proposed the idea of a meeting where the two leaders would discuss issues currently facing their two nations.

Towards the end of the show, Schiff also praised Biden's "difficult decision" to withdraw all US troops from Afghanistan over the course of the next four months.

The Democrat noted that it wasn't "risk-free" but said the US government had reached the "conclusion that our ability to be able to shape the Afghan government is very limited."

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