Camera that ‘would’ve seen what happened to Nicola Bulley’ was only one broken

The search to find missing mum Nicola Bulley could have been hampered by one broken CCTV camera in the area.

The 45-year-old mum-of-two was walking her dog when she went missing on Friday, January 27, near the River Wyre in Lancashire.

She had dropped her children off at school that morning before taking the family pup, Willow, on a walk.

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Ms Bulley, whose phone was found at the scene of her disappearance and logged into a work conference, is now believed to have approached the river.

Since Lancashire Police first addressed the media about the disappearance, they claimed that all CCTV had been seen, including Ring doorbells and as much dash-cam footage as possible.

This was also seen as confirmation that Nicola had not left the area as cameras covered every possible exit – which made it baffling that only a 10-minute window of her movements remained unaccounted for.

On Friday, Superintendent Riley said: "Several exits of the riverside area have CCTV covering them or exits are locked and therefore couldn't have been passed through by Nicola.

“There's only a very small area onto Garstang Lane toward the A5/A6 which is not covered by CCTV and that's why we're appealing today for dash-cam footage or for people who may have been walking on Garstang Lane or driving in the area to come forward if they can.”

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But now it appears that one vital CCTV camera was broken and has hampered police investigations.

According to a friend named Tilly Ann, who wrote on Facebook about the camera: “There's CCTV at the back of the caravan park.

“The only camera that isn't working is the one that would have seen everything.”

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In response, a spokesman for Lancashire Police said: “We can’t comment on specific parts of the enquiry.

“CCTV/dash cam footage etc is something the investigating team have been focusing on and we continue to ask the public’s help for that.”

The investigation and search continues.

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