Bungling Russians blow up tank of poisonous acid – but it blows back on them

Bungling Russian troops blew up a tank of poisonous nitric acid only to watch the wind waft it back towards them, as their brutal invasion of Ukraine continues.

The latest example of incompetence by Vladimir Putin’s forces resulted in local forces mocking the Russians, claiming they don’t even know how to understand the weather.

The Luhansk Regional Military Administration said: "The Russians do not know how to fight – they did not even calculate which direction the wind blows."

Images of the brown cloud of noxious gas appeared from under-fire Luhansk Oblast as parts of the region – Rubizhne, Lysychansk, Kreminna, Severodonetsk and Zolote – endured heavy bombardments over the weekend.

On Saturday, Governor of Luhansk Oblast Serhiy Haidai said: "Chemical attack again! Near Rubezhnoye, the orcs hit a tank with nitric acid again!"

He advised residents to "not come out of hiding" and to "close all doors and windows" in homes.

Haidai pointed out: "Effects on humans: nitric acid is dangerous if inhaled, swallowed or in contact with skin and mucous membranes."

The governor added that the "acidic fumes are irritating to the respiratory tract" and can lead to "bronchitis, dizziness, drowsiness and – in severe poisoning – pulmonary oedema".

It’s just the latest example of own goals suffered by the occupying Russian forces. It’s believed that Putin thought he would have total control of Ukraine within 72 hours of launching the invasion in late February.

But schoolboy errors and a lack of planning, combined with heroic resistance and counterattacks by the Ukrainians, has seen his troops getting bogged down in several areas.

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According to Ukraine, Russia’s staggering losses include more than 700 tanks, nearly 2,000 armoured vehicles, more than 150 aircraft and 137 helicopters.

Russian casualties – including a number of high-ranking generals – are reported to be approaching 20,000 and the occupiers have been driven back in several parts of the country, including around Kyiv.

There have also been reports of mass desertion by Russian troops, with Putin forced to call in evil mercenaries from abroad to boost his forces.

Russia’s setbacks around Kyiv have resulted in Putin shifting his focus towards the east and the south of the country as he looks to consolidate at least some of his gains.

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