Broadcaster Leah Panapa reveals battle with hoarder nightmare neighbour, Auckland Council inaction

Broadcaster Leah Panapa has blasted authorities for allegedly not doing anything to help clear massive piles of rubbish in her neighbour’s property.

The radio host, also known as the face of the Better Living television advertisements, took to social media site Twitter to vent about one of her neighbours, who she described as a hoarder.

“I need some help. Where do you turn when the Auckland Council [and] Fire Dept don’t deem my hoarding neighbour a problem or fire risk?

“This is just the back of the property – it’s like this and worse on all sides of his house. Where do I turn?”

She posted two photos showing rubbish piled to the top of the fence.

It is completely blocking the space between the house and the fence itself – on what would have been the grassy back yard.

The second photo shows one side of the property – again showing piles of household rubbish that can also be visible towards the front of the house.

Items include large appliances, furniture, bike parts, large containers, bits of plastic, large planks and bits of wood and ordinary household rubbish.

Panapa reported seeing rats and that after a council employee visited the property, she got a phone call.

The council staffer allegedly told her that because there were cats, the situation was “fine”.

Panapa said her neighbour did not have cats.

She also acknowledged that every time she and her family approached the man, they were met with resistance.

The Auckland Council has since replied to Panapa’s post, asking her to send them a private message with the address of the property and a contact number for her.

“We can ask the compliance team involved to revisit this,” Auckland Council wrote.

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