British-trained forces battling Islamist extremism tell of daily atrocities

British-trained special forces battling Islamist extremism on the West African front line have told of the daily bloody atrocities.

Boko Haram and fellow Islamic State psychopaths are rampaging through northeast Nigeria, slicing up civilians and leaving them to die in the street.

Others are shot, beheaded or gutted alive by killer gangs using machetes, cutlasses and AK-47 assault rifles.

Nigerian soldiers have even been confronted by terrorists using anti-aircraft weapons as guns.

The Mirror was given unprecedented access to 707 Special Forces Brigade, the country’s SAS, who are being trained by British soldiers from the Specialised Infantry Group.

Brigadier-General Clement Apere, their Commander, has seen firsthand the horror of warfare with home­­­grown Boko Haram and ISIS. Speaking at his HQ in Makurdi, he told how the terrorists kidnap young girls and pillage supplies from tiny farming communities.

He said: “They slaughter civilians, shooting them or using blades. Some victims have their limbs chopped off and they are left to bleed to death slowly.”

One of his officers makes a cut-throat gesture, before miming slicing a person’s stomach upwards. Brig Gen Apere goes on: “Women are taken into the bush and a lot of people lose their lives when the terrorists take over the villages.

“The people are being forced into doing things they do not want to do, or they get killed. We have even seen them using anti-aircraft weapons to fire at their victims.”

His elite soldiers are being trained by a small unit of SIG infantrymen picked from 1 Scots for their ability to train foreign forces to fight insurgencies, once a job of the SAS and Special Boat Service.

Elsewhere, the British Military Advisory Training Team is attempting to help forces win the counter-insurgency war.

In Lagos, in the southwest, Royal Marines are teaching the Nigerian SBS how to smash high-seas piracy; in Jaji, in the north, Royal Anglian Regiment troops are training local forces to tackle roadside bombs.

We told how British troops are helping to crush ISIS’s jihadi “exchange programme”.

Brig Gen Apere said: “It is obvious Boko Haram has outside support.

“Some of these fighters needed work after Gadd­afi fell in Libya and came here.” Nearby, British troops teach mark­s­­­man skills to soldiers, many of whom have had bloody battles with Boko Haram.

Recalling one, Cpl Nwadi Ikechukwu, 35, said: “We advanced towards the terrorists, more than a hundred. They’d put women and children at the front, all shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ [God is great].

“We had to rethink tactics and held fire until we could see the fighters, these ‘tough men’ at the back with their AK-47s and cutlasses. Some were foreign, I heard them shout with a different accent.

“We were just two platoons of soldiers. I lost nine friends that day, but we killed many [terrorists] and saved civilians.

“We have benefited enorm­ously from learning how to deal with Boko Haram tactics. Often they come at us in a huge mass, head on, and send fighters to the right and left of us, trying to outflank us.

“Hopefully we can now use skills that British soldiers taught us to beat them.”

In capital Abuja, more than 100 jihadis feature on a wanted poster at Nigeria’s main military HQ. Asked what he thought of Boko Haram, one soldier dropped his smile and said: “They are damn f***ing terrorists.”

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