Britain will arm Ukraine with rocket launch systems to destroy Putin’s evil army

Britain will send multiple launch rocket systems to Ukraine in a bid to further arm the country against Vladimir Putin's forces.

Russian soldiers remain waging war on their international neighbours after months of bloody fighting which has killed tens of thousands of civilians and troops.

The invasion which is already widely regarded as a failure of Putin's, is not expected to get any easier for his military as the UK equips Ukraine's unrelenting resistance with deadly rockets.

The precision-guided rocket systems the UK has agreed to send to Ukraine, are capable of striking enemies from 49 miles away.

Brits will also train Ukrainian army personnel in the UK on how to use the M2701B1 launchers.

The UK's Defence Secretary Ben Wallace confirmed the agreement stating the donation of rocket systems will “better enable our Ukrainian friends to protect themselves”.

Ukraine is also expecting a shipment from the United States of a small number of its medium-range HIMARS (High Mobility Artillery Rocket System).

Western allies have been called on by Ukraine to provide longer-range missiles that will help the country counter Russian artillery assaults in the eastern Donbas region where Putin is focusing his offensive.

Russian soldiers sent to fight in Ukraine have mutinied on camera over appalling provisions during the invasion.

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Conscripted troops from the 113th rifle regiment of the so-called Donetsk People's Republic, have uploaded a video to Telegram complaining of equipment, medicine and food.

The group's commander begged the question why they are being sent to die but acknowledged their complaints will most likely be dismissed as 'sabotage'.

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One of two Russians tried as war criminals has said he wanted the conflict in Ukraine to end and that the invasion by Vladimir Putin had been a "failure".

Alexander Bobykin, 26, and Alexander Ivanov, 21, were in a artillery unit that fired at least 38 missiles at civilians and destroyed a school in February.

They each received 12-year sentences at the Kotelevska district court of the Poltava region on Tuesday (May 30).

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