Britain is set for another day of 82C sunshine

Why worry about a ‘green list’ getaway? Britain is set for another day of 82C sunshine with above-average temperatures to last all month… as ministers are set to update ‘safe’ travel destinations TODAY

  • Today is set to be the eighth day in a row that the mercury has been above 70F (21C) somewhere in the UK
  • UK had hottest day of 2021 so far for third successive day yesterday as mercury hit 82.9F (28.3C) in London
  • In contrast, Malaga in Spain reached 81F (27C) yesterday, while Rome was 79F (26C) and Athens 77F (25C) 
  • It follows previous 2021 highs on Tuesday with 79F (26.1C) in Cardiff and 77.2F (25.1C) in Highlands on Monday 

Britain will enjoy another hot day today with the mercury set to hit 82F (28C), before forecasters expect a balmy weekend and above-average temperatures to continue for at least the rest of June.

Today is set to be the eighth day in a row that the mercury has been above 70F (21C) somewhere in the UK, after the country experienced its hottest day of the year so far for the third successive day yesterday.

Temperatures peaked at 82.9F (28.3C) in Northolt, West London, yesterday – after hitting previous 2021 highs on Tuesday with 79F (26.1C) in Cardiff and 77.2F (25.1C) at Kinlochewe in the Highlands on bank holiday Monday.

In contrast, Malaga in Spain reached a maximum of 81F (27C) yesterday, while Rome was 79F (26C) and Athens 77F (25C). The UK’s previous warmest day had been on March 30, when Kew in West London hit 76.1F (24.5C).

It comes as the Government will today update its ‘green list’ of countries Britons can visit without having to go into quarantine when they return, with Portugal the only major warm weather holiday destination currently on it.

Looking ahead, a Met Office forecast said this weekend will be ‘mostly fine and dry with sunny spells and only a few showers’ and temperatures will be ‘around or above average in light winds’ with chilly nights in some areas.

It added that next week, ‘temperatures will trend towards the warmer side of average’, while the following week from June 14 will see the mercury ‘remain average to warmer than average’ and the rest of June ‘average or above’.

However, the Met Office said parts of the UK will just miss out on an official heatwave despite temperatures remaining high. To meet the definition of a heatwave, areas must see three days in a row of high temperatures.

These range from around 77F (25C) to 82F (28C) – depending on location. Although temperatures around the country are expected to stay in the high-70Fs (mid-20Cs) today, most places will not ‘tick the box’ for a heatwave.

How temperatures have risen every day for a week

  • June 2: 82.9F (28.3C) – Northolt, West London
  • June 1: 79F (26.1C) – Cardiff
  • May 31: 77.2F (25.1C) – Kinlochewe, Highlands
  • May 30: 75.2F (24C) – Achnagart, Highlands
  • May 29: 73.2F (22.9C) – Chivenor, Devon
  • May 28: 71.8F (22.1C) – Achnagart, Highlands
  • May 27: 71.6F (22C) – Wisley, Surrey
  • May 26: 65.5F (18.6C) – Killowen, County Down

It comes as temperature records for the year were smashed yesterday with the high in the capital, while parts of Surrey and Kent also saw temperatures of between 81F (27C) and 82F (28C).

The village of Hawarden in Flintshire reached 79.9F (26.5C) to become Wales’ own warmest day of the year.

Scotland also recorded its hottest days of 2021 with Achnagart reaching 75.9F (25.4C).

And the 73.9F (23.3C) in Ballywatticock, Northern Ireland, matched its previous warmest day of the year.

The warm weather has been a welcome break for people following a washout May, which brought heavy downpours and prolonged spells of rain for much of the UK – but it is ‘unlikely’ to be an official heatwave, according to the Met Office.

Its meteorologist Steven Keates said: ‘We define a heatwave depending on three consecutive days meeting certain temperature thresholds and it depends where you are in the UK – it ranges from about 25 to 28 degrees.

‘My suspicion is that a handful of places will come close to meeting the thresholds but not many will tick the box for a heatwave. I think it’s going to be a bit of a near miss for most places. 

‘It’s been a lovely warm spell but if we’re using the strict criteria we use to measure it then I don’t think anywhere is going to quite get it this time.’ 


He added: ‘Nonetheless we’re going to see several very warm days up and down the country which will be welcome for a lot of people after what has been a pretty cool, damp, disappointing May.

Some areas in South West England and South Wales, which had enjoyed sunny and warm weather in recent days, experienced some heavy showers during yesterday afternoon.

The heaviest storms were in Pembrokeshire, where up to 11mm (0.4in) of rain fell at Mathry, near Fishguard.

Mr Keates said temperatures were expected to stay above 68F (20C) in most areas today with the highest, most ‘humid’ temperatures being felt in the east, with up to 81F (27C) predicted in East Anglia.

He added: ‘Weather-wise it will be a bit of a mess’ The showery rain tomorrow morning will pivot a bit and push its way toward Scotland.

‘Elsewhere across England and Wales it’ll be a bit cloudy and dull to begin with but we should see some sunny spells in the afternoon. It’ll be pleasantly warm for most of us but a bit humid in the east tomorrow.’

Mr Keates said that more heavy rain was expected late this evening and overnight tomorrow.

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