Brit tourist dresses up as Karen Matthews for ‘Ginger Icons’ night out

British tourist dresses up as Shannon Matthews’ mother for ‘Ginger Icons’ night out in Magaluf

  • Twitter user @liamlambrini posted the picture which went viral on social media
  • In the snap he can be seen wearing a Shannon Matthews t-shirt and ginger wig
  • Karen Matthews was jailed for faking daughter Shannon’s kidnapping in 2008

A British holidaymaker in Magaluf has been pictured wearing a Karen Matthews-themed fancy dress outfit.

Twitter user @liamlambrini posted a picture of himself wearing a costume intended to look like Shannon Matthews’ mum Karen on a night out in the Spanish party resort.

The tweet garnered a vast amount of attention on social media with several users blasting the reveller for the ‘brutal’ post.

It was posted alongside the caption ‘Night 2 in Magaluf. Category is: Ginger Icons,’ and showed Liam wearing a ginger wig and carrying a teddy bear.

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Liam posted a picture of himself dressed in a wig with a Shannon Matthews t-shirt and holding a teddy bear

Karen Matthews was jailed in 2008 for faking daughter Shannon’s kidnapping to make charity money

He also wore a t-shirt with the image of Shannon saying: ‘Have you seen Shannon Matthews?’  

One user said: ‘Fs that’s hardcore.’

‘That is frightening,’ another commented.

While someone else simply called it ‘brutal’. 

So far the post has been liked and re-tweeted over 15,000 times.

Karen Matthews, from Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, is notorious for staging her own daughter’s kidnapping back in 2008. 

West Yorkshire Police found Shannon alive 24 days after she went missing concealed in the base of a divan bed.

Alongside her boyfriend’s uncle Michael Donovan, Karen was sentenced to eight years in prison for kidnapping, false imprisonment, and perverting the course of justice after Shannon was found in Donovan’s house.

The pair had been hoping to rake in charity money for her disappearance after being inspired by the huge amounts donated to the McCanns to aid the search for Madeleine. 

The post was liked and re-tweeted over 15,000 times on Twitter with some users describing it as ‘brutal’

Shannon was found 24 days after her disappearance hidden in a bed in the town of Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

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