Brit riding £15 Amazon dinghy from France as there’s ‘more legroom than Ryanair’

A Brit who claims he is a “war tourist” is now planning to cross the English Channel in a dinghy after completing his “Taliban Adventure” in Afghanistan.

Miles Routledge, a former physics student at Loughborough University, has previously visited Ukraine at the start of Putin’s invasion, sofa surfed with the Taliban in Afghanistan and expressed interest in visiting North Sentinel Island.

Now back in the UK after making friends with the Taliban, Miles told the Daily Star that he's "a little bored" – and that's when he devises his mad plans.

The Birmingham-native tweeted on Saturday asking where he can find a dinghy to cross the English Channel with.

Taking to Twitter, the 22-year-old said: “I'm about to do a very silly and impulsive trip but I need some help. Where do the immigrants in France usually put their inflatable boats in the water to paddle to England?”

“Most boats don't make it, it's really sad and horrendous, trust me don't do this,” said one of his followers who works for the military, before Miles settled on a £15 dinghy from Amazon.

But he told the Daily Star that he recognises the danger in crossing the choppy waters in such a small boat.

"I might up the budget to get a £30 boat," he said, adding: "More room for snacks."

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Miles continued: "I've seen people go across the waters on a lot less so as long as it's good weather conditions, what could go wrong!

"Plus, it's less bumpy and has more legroom than Ryanair, so. It's a flawless plan."

He told The Star that he plans to set off from Calais and head towards Dover. It is 27 nautical miles or 31 standard miles from Dover ferry port to Calais ferry port.

He said authorities didn't try to deter him from the trip, adding: "They just said I need to fly a yellow flag and upload a C1331 form for arrival."

This is a form used to declare items on your pleasure craft for voyages when you're leaving or arriving in the UK.

Data from the Home Office suggests that 28,381 people were recorded as arriving by small boat last year.

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After Miles announced his intentions, his devoted followers were quick to give advice and also, with one user saying: “I'd think Calais is the quickest place to start from.”

Others were quick to show their concern, saying: “Pretty dangerous on a little boat."

“For Miles I think that’s a plus,” replied another follower.

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