Brit paedo, 31, dodged ‘400 cameras’ trying to run the entire Channel Tunnel

A security review of the Channel Tunnel has been ordered after a convicted paedophile managed to walk the entire length of the tunnel before being arrested by French police.

Ryan Murrayland, 31, was jailed in 2015 for sexual activity with a child and in 2019 he broke his parole regulations and was re-arrested.

It was thought he had still been serving his sentence and had escaped prison but a source at the Ministry of Justice said he was no longer an inmate.

Murrayland did, however, try to flee the UK through the Channel Tunnel at Folkestone, Kent, despite round the clock patrols, 12ft barbed wire-topped fences and CCTV cameras.

According to The Sun, it is thought Murrayland squeezed between the north and south parallel tunnels and a service shaft to avoid detection.

He also managed to avoid over 400 cameras armed with infrared detectors and motion sensors.

As a result, Border Force and counter-terrorism units now face a security review, the publication claims.

A source told The Sun: "How he managed to avoid all the security at the entrance especially in this day and age is beyond us. The place is bristling with all sorts of cameras and 12ft fences.

''The theory is he managed to somehow get onto the complex where the freight trains are and then walk into the tunnel but why he would want to walk to France is still a mystery."

They added: ''The tunnel is covered by the Border Force and counter-terrorism and counterpart units from the French and it was them who eventually caught him but how he got into the tunnel is being looked into.''

It is estimated the stunt cost EuroTunnel – the Channel Tunnel operator – £45,000 in lost revenue as police were forced to stop traffic.

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He was finally arrested at Coquelles after officers saw him running "so as to get to France as soon as possible".

The source said: "They arrested him and took him out of the Tunnel at Coquelles.

"He was heading to France from England and presenting a clear danger to all Tunnel users, including himself."

They added: "He was running, so as to get to France as soon as possible. He refused to give his name or address, but thanks to the British, he was soon identified as a thirty-one-year-old escaped prisoner."

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