Brian Laundrie web sleuths spot peculiar changes to road trip van after Gabby Petito disappeared

ONLINE sleuths claim to have spotted peculiar changes to the road trip van used by Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito before their deaths.

In a Facebook group dedicated to the case, one user said they had noted a change in the number of stickers on the Ford Transit.

In the post, the Facebook user said: "Looking at the van when it was parked on the 27th near the location of the body, there aren't as many stickers as the photo after the police confiscated it.

"He [Brian] must've added stickers after she was missing."

Another user shared a photo that shows a shot from bodycam footage comparing photos of the van from the sighting and photos shared by the FBI during the course of the investigation.

From the photos, the van appears to have added stickers at some point.

Travel vloggers Jenn and Kyle Bethune said they saw the vehicle while traveling through Wyoming on August 27 – two days after Gabby reportedly last spoke with her family.

Another TikToker, Jessica Schultz, also claimed she saw the vehicle several times between August 26 and 27 while camping at Spread Creek.

Laundrie returned home alone September 1 in the Ford van the couple took on their trip.

Cops found the van in North Port during the weekend of September 11 – when Gabby's parents reported her disappearance.

Authorities seized the van from the Laundrie's home on September 14.

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