Brain-damaged Tafida Raqeeb’s parents accused of ‘driving coach and horses’ through the law as they fight to keep daughter alive – The Sun

PARENTS in a High Court fight to keep their severely brain-damaged girl alive have been accused of trying to “drive a coach and horses” through the law.

Tafida Raqeeb, five, is in a “minimally conscious state” on life-support after blood vessels in her head ruptured in February.

Doctors say she has permanent brain damage with no chance of recovery.

Hospital chiefs want judges to rule turning off support is in her best interests.

But her parents claim she is showing signs of recovery and could live 20 years on a ventilator.

Shelina Begum, 39, and Mohammed Raqeeb, 45, want Tafida transferred from the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel to Gaslini in Genoa, Italy, where doctors will continue life support.

Katie Gallop QC, for Barts Health NHS Trust, which runs the London hospital, told the court: “It is an attempt to limit the jurisdiction of this country by the application of EU law.

“This should be looked at in the context of what is in a child’s best interests.

"This is not a choice between ‘would you like an Italian pizza or an English shepherd’s pie?’”

Tafida’s parents, of Newham, East London, have arranged funding and say she is being denied her right to medical care in another EU state.

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