Bowler knocks over the pins by throwing two balls in stunning trick 

Top tenpin! Bowler knocks over all the skittles by throwing TWO balls with perfect timing in stunning trick

  • He bowled one ball at the normal speed and the other much slower, with spin
  • The fast ball crashed into the pins, knocking all of them over – except for one
  • The slower spinning ball then took down the final pin in the late-night stunt

This is the brilliant moment a bowler knocks over all the pins using two balls in a mind-blowing trick.

The trick was performed by McKinley Knopp from Campbellsville, Kentucky, in the US, who posted the video on Twitter on May 6.

He put extreme spin on one of the balls and sent it slowly towards the pins, while he bowled the second ball at normal speed.

As the first bowling ball crashed into the pins at pace, knocking over most of the pins, leaving just one left standing. 

Incredibly, that final pin was knocked over by the slow, spinning ball that the man had bowled initially.

The man bowls two balls, one at a normal speed and the other extremely slowly and with spin

He seemed as stunned by his trick as everyone, screaming excitedly and willing the ball to hit the pin.

When it did, he sprinted away in celebration, cheering loudly at his success.

He also ripped off his shirt and threw it to the side in his joy.   

He was much more cool with the video caption, tweeting: ‘Late-night trick shots at the lanes.’

The fast ball knocks over most the pins, before the slow, spinning ball takes down the last one

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