Boris Johnson ‘to announce new Tier 4 lockdown to start from Thursday’

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to announced a new Tier 4 lockdown for all of England today, it has been reported.

The new restrictions will include tougher restrictions that are currently in place with the regional Tier lockdowns and will last a month, it is believed.

According to Robert Peston, an ITV political editor, the PM will announce the measures in his speech at 5pm today, and pubs, restaurants and non-essential shops will be ordered to shut.

Although, it's reported, that supermarkets won't have to fence off non-essential goods.

Household mixing inside homes, except for childcare and support will not be permitted, reports suggest.

Mr Peston also claims that courts, schools and universities will stay open in the Tier 4 lockdown.

Also, outbound international travel will be banned, except for work, and travel within the UK will be discouraged except for work, he says.

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Overnight stays away from home will be allowed for work purposes, it's claimed, and private prayer will continue in places for worship but not services.

The political editor reports the Tier 4 national lockdown will start at one second past midnight on Thursday, with the regulations being published on Tuesday to allow MPs to vote on them for Wednesday.

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Takeaways will be allowed to remain open on a delivery-only basis, and manufacturing and construction will be encouraged to keep going, reportedly.

The lockdown is expected to last until December 2, where local areas will follow their local regional lockdowns.

Professor Calum Semple, from SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies) told BBC4 in a personal setting that coronavirus is 'running riot'.

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