Bodybuilder Joesthetics’ gym thought death ‘was prank’ as he was ‘so strong’

Staff at the gym where YouTube bodybuilding star Joesthetics worked out initially thought his death was a prank, it has been revealed.

The German athlete, real name Jo Lindner, was just 30-years-old when he passed away, reportedly from an aneurysm. His tragic passing was announced on Saturday (July 1).

Concerns were initially raised on Friday (June 30) when Jo did not show up to his regular two-hour weights session, according to The Sun.

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His death was eventually confirmed by his heartbroken girlfriend Nicha on Instagram. She said he suffered an aneurysm and that Jo "was in my arms" when he died.

The news sent shockwaves across the bodybuilding and fitness community with tributes from fans and peers pouring in.

Bo, the receptionist at Jo's gym the Muscle Factory, said staff thought the initial reports could actually be a prank as he was "so healthy and strong".

Bo told The Sun: "He was friendly and talked to everyone. He cheered everyone up just by being here.

"When we found out he had died we were shocked. We couldn't believe it was real.

"He was so healthy and strong, so we thought maybe it was a prank or something. It has been really sad in the gym ever since. People are still talking about it.

"His girlfriend has also not been here since it happened. Without him, it feels empty. It's like there is someone missing."

Jo's fitness routine videos had seen him amass eight million followers on Instagram and one million on YouTube.

The bodybuilder had alluded to some health issues in a chilling final post on Instagram just days before his death.

It read: "When I lost my gains because I went off everything for 1 year but then could not recover my own [testosterone] levels so went back on trt [Testosterone Replacement Therapy].

"Trust me I tried to stop but be aware it might have long-term effects for your life.

"Trt is a big commitment keep that in mind.

"My stomach now due to my hernia surgery now it’s a new hernia there and it makes my stomach bigger.

"Overall this post should show that even as a natural u can look amazing and why you just need to get in shape!!"

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