Black widow ‘poisoned partner with milkshake’ and Googled ‘how to commit murder’

When Natasha Darcy began revealing new details of her partner's tragic death after being arrested for his murder, the sick killer had no idea she was helping undercover cops put her behind bars.

Officers in New South Wales, Australia posed as suspects being held at Tamworth Police Station to extract crucial details from Darcy, including information about the cocktail of drugs she poisoned her partner Mathew Dunbar with in the guise of a Nutribullet milkshake.

Darcy met beau-turned-victim Mathew three and a half years earlier, a couple of years after separating from paramedic husband Colin Crossman – who she'd also tried to kill.

Ironically, Colin was the first responder to the emergency call Darcy made after killing Mathew.

If Darcy's ex-husband was intimately involved in the aftermath of Dunbar's death, Darcy also enlisted friends to help her cover up his murder.

She offered a friend $20,000 Australian (£11k) to lie in court by saying Dunbar had discussed planning suicide with her.

The court was told the sociopathic killer wrote to her friend: "If the lawyers ask for your phone records, just say it was over 2.5 years ago and you don’t keep them."

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The friend wisely decided to ignore Darcy, who replied she was sorry "if the amount I offered offends you".

Shocked, the friend cut off contact.

Darcy wrote again, this time adding: "I can give you as much as you need.

"This reminds me of a funny saying which I can’t remember word for word but it was something like … if you’re ever in trouble, I won’t be there to support you 'cause I’ll be next to you helping you hide the body. LOL."

Darcy sought to gaslight investigators and the jury into believing her partner was a tortured, closeted gay man whose psychological turmoil forced him to take his own life.

Her barrister stated Dunbar had a history of depression and had a few weeks before his death in August 2017 stayed at a psychiatric unit of a local hospital.

None of this got close to persuading jurors Darcy was anything other than guilty of the murder.

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But what ultimately sealed her fate were the incriminating Google searches swiped from her phone and computer in the run-up to the killing – and up to the night before she was arrested.

Darcy even told the undercover officers: "Google’s been my best friend."

Search terms included "base of skull vulnerable", "stabbed in the brain", "murder by inducing heart attack" and – most terrifyingly of all – "how to commit murder".

This had eerie similarities to the attempt she made on the life of Colin eight years before.

The court heard Darcy had asked her paramedic partner how hard one would have to hit someone in the temple to kill them. Then, she did it.

Three days later Colin woke up in a house full of flames, with Darcy having attempted to finish the job by burning down the house.

In another scary link to the murder of Dunbar, Darcy had also poisoned Colin with a mix of sedatives during her earlier attempted murder.

Darcy's incredible track record of lies even led her barrister to admit he was told "a lot of lies" about the events of Dunbar’s death.

But what's now known is the method she used to kill Dunbar, which involved a shocking cocktail of toxic ingredients blended in a Nutribullet – before gassing Mathew in his bed.

A used Nutribullet cup in Darcy's blender was found to contain traces of the dangerous sedatives found in Dunbar's blood.

They included animal sedative acepromazine, temazepam, clonidine, and seroquel.

Local vets were so alarmed by her requests to obtain the drugs that they contacted police.

With the dirty Nutribullet cup, the Google searching, and Darcy's unlikely excuses, her fate was sealed.

Lawyers for the crown said Dunbar carried out the murder to inherit her partner's $3.5m Australian (£1.9m) mansion.

Darcy now faces a life sentence for the killing.

Her fate will be determined at a hearing in October.

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