‘Black widow’ farmer killed and fed men to pigs ‘she loved more than people’

A crazed pig-loving farmer who killed two men and fed them to her swine was blasted by a furious judge for valuing her precious pigs more than human life.

Susan Monica, originally born Steven Buchanan in 1948, fought in the Vietnam War before she changed her career path and purchased a large isolated farm in 1991.

The 20-acre farm in Wimer, Oregan, was miles away from any signs of life – and even struggled to get electricity.

Susan raised pigs that she became extremely attached to, as well as chickens.

Things started to take a sinister turn on the farm when Susan hired 59-year-old Stephen Delecino, who suddenly disappeared 'off the face of the earth' in 2012.

She then quickly hired her second target Robert Haney, another man in his 50s, who found Susan through an ad online.

The two men shared qualities of being loner 'recluses' with limited family members – the perfect victims for murder.

But Robert's family began to worry about him by September 2013 after they hadn't heard from him in months.

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Jesse, his daughter, said: “We hadn’t seen or heard from my dad for two months. We just all started to panic.”

The family went bounding up to the farm on January 1, 2014, and was told by Susan that she hadn't heard from their dad in four months.

They became frightened when the farm owner asked them to clear out his trailer, which was still filled with all of his things.

“His leather jacket was there," Jesse said.

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"His dog was still running around, and all his tools were there. It made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.”

The family reportedly fled the property and went straight to the police to file a missing person report.

Police attended the farm twice, the first time Susan claimed that Robert had been recently upset about a family member being assaulted, which was true, and that he had fled the farm to seek revenge.

This, of course, was false.

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When police arrived back at the farm for a second time, a search of the property uncovered a dismembered leg in the pond.

“It was clear that it was not an animal bone," Jackson County Sheriff’s Detective Julie Denney said.

"It appeared to me to be a human leg that had been severed mid-femur, down to the toes.”

Susan Monica was found guilty of murdering two men just a year apart, and then destroying their corpses by feeding them to the animals on her farm, The Medford Mail Tribune previously reported.

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The sick killer claimed that Stephen Delicino, 59, repeatedly shot himself in the head and that she had to shoot him in self-defence and was eaten by her pigs before she could bury him.

She also claimed that Robert Haney, 56, went missing in the summer of 2013 before she stumbled across him a month later as her pigs were 'disembowelling him'. She claims she shot him to 'ease his suffering'.

Garren Pedemonte, defence attorney, claimed there was no evidence to suggest that Susan was telling the truth.

Circuit Judge Tim Barnack slammed the woman, claiming: "You valued pigs more than you value people.

"You shot two people and fed them to your pigs. I don't know how else I can put it."

Susan was given life in prison, with a possibility of parole after a minimum of 50 years.

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