Black Lives Matter protester sues cops after they order her to cover up 'F*** Boris' T-shirt

 A WOMAN who was asked by cops to cover up a 'F*** Boris' T-shirt at a Black Lives Matter protest in London is suing the police.

Jessie-Lu Flynn, an actor and theatre company owner says she has attended a dozen protests in the same T-shirt and never been asked to cover up.

But after heading home form the protest in London on June 3, Ms Flynn was approached by cops who asked her to zip up her jacket to hide the profane message.

Ms Flynn was walking towards Oxford Circus with a friend when she saw two British Transport Police officers gesturing to her to cover up.

They told her she was in breach of section five of the Public Order Act, which states a person is guilty of an offence if they "display any writing, sign or other visible representation which is threatening or abusive.”

But it's not considered an offence if police have no reason to believe there was anyone within hearing or sight who's likely to be alarmed or distressed.

She filmed part of the interaction, in which an officer tells her some people might find the slogan offensive.

She replies: "You do obviously, but I don't – and most people agree," adding: "I find your uniform a little bit upsetting, to be honest."

Speaking to the Guardian about the incident, Ms Flynn said: "When the police told me I had to zip up my jacket to cover up my T-shirt I thought 'Are you serious?' I'm very concerned about how right-wing this government is.

"I find the way Boris Johnson has described Black people and Muslims is deeply offensive."

The actor is now suing the British Transport Police, with her lawyers Joanna Khan and Michael Oswald at Bhatt Murphy Solicitors, arguing the officers were in breach of human rights legislation.

The lawyers said the officers blocked Ms Flynn's right to express political opinion.

They added: "Being able to criticise politicians is fundamentally important in a democracy.

"The importance of freedom of speech should be particularly clear to this prime minister who has compared women in burqas to letterboxes without any criminal sanction himself."

A spokesperson from British Transport Police declined to comment.

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