Binman sacked for booting snowman’s head off went on police station rage

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    An ex-binman who became public enemy no.1 in 2021 after he booted the head of a child’s snowman has now smashed a police station door in a separate offence.

    Callum Woodhouse, 21, went viral in January 2021 when he was spotted on CCTV smashing a 6ft-tall snowman in Hereford while doing his rounds as a binman.

    The snowflake slayer was quickly sacked by his employer, Herefordshire Council, after he boasted about being the “snowman killer” who savagely attacked the three-year-old boy’s snowman while emptying his family’s bins.

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    The blizzard butcher said at the time: “I’m out of work now just for kicking a snowman.

    “I’m going to be a dad now. I’ve lost my job, f**ked over a snowman. I have a family to feed,” he added.

    Two years on from the savage snowy slaughter, Callum was put in front of a judge for criminal damage and possessing a knife in a public place after lashing out in a police station.

    The yob flew into a rage in a police station and ended up smashing a door after he felt he wasn’t getting any help while making an inquiry at the front desk.

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    After he was restrained and arrested, he revealed he had a kitchen knife hidden in his sock.

    Woodhouse pleaded guilty to both charges and was handed a 132 day prison sentence, suspended for 18 months at Hereford Magistrates Court, where he was also made to pay prosecution costs of £135 and a £154 victim surcharge.

    Marilena Di Vitantonio, defending, told the judge: "I think you will gather that mental health plays a big part in this."

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    The court heard Woodhouse had been seen by mental health professionals, but that he had gone to the police station as he felt he needed more help.

    The lawyer added: "He was unable to get that help and kicked out at the door in frustration.

    "He would welcome a community order with open arms as he feels he needs help and no-one is listening."


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