Biden warns COVID-19 vaccine won’t be ‘widely available’ for months

President-elect Joe Biden warned Monday that the promising COVID-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer won’t be widely available for months.

While hailing the medical breakthrough, the Dem said the vaccine still has to go through a “rigorous review and approval process” by the government to make sure its effectiveness is “grounded in science.

“It’s clear this vaccine, even if approved, will not be widely available for many months to come,” Biden said at a press conference.

The president-elect spoke after he and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris met with the upcoming administration’s own coronavirus task force, which includes former Surgeon General Vivek Murthy and ex-Food and Drug Administration Commissioner David Kessler.

Pfizer and the German firm BioNTech announced Monday that they have developed a vaccine against the virus that is 90 percent effective.

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