Beloved Brit holiday spot unrecognisable as beaches buried in 20inches of snow

A beloved British holiday hotspot has been buried in 20inches of pure white snow and looks completely unrecognisable as the wild February weather hits the shores.

Majorca may usually attract Brits for the heat and fun in the sun but a winter storm is providing anything but warm weather at the holiday destination.

Roads have been closed, power has been cut in dozens of towns and all of it happened through a wild and unexpected snow storm.

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Storm Juliette has hit Majorca and brought with it blizzards and cold weather to an island best known for its sunny spots, sandy beaches and scorching weather.

But the sandy dunes and glorious sun have been covered up by thick layers of snow and huge waves that Spain's meteorological agency, AEMET, warned of.

A troubling red warning was issued today with 15inches of snow expected, as well as crashing waves of 26ft hitting the shores of coastal towns.

It makes a stark change to the usual party-clad shores of the sunny islands, which are currently being knocked by winds of up to 55mph and stunning snowy conditions.

Experts had previously predicted a more manageable 16 inches of snow, but their estimates were off when more than 20 inches dropped onto towns across Majorca, DailyMail reported.

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Orange and yellow warnings have hit other parts of the island too, with snow even covering parts of Ibiza.

Waves of up to 13ft are expected to crash down on the home of the Soca Festival today, with neighbouring islands to Majorca also hit with weather warnings.

Active orange warnings are in place on Menorca, with 90km/hr winds blasting the island as Storm Juliette takes hold of the British holiday hotspot.

The storm is expected to cause a slate of low temperatures and weather troubles for those on the islands until Thursday, AEMET said on Monday.

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