Beer prices set to rocket even higher after key ingredient hit by UK drought

The price of a pint could be going up by around 6% in yet another blow to beer lovers.

An expected increase is this time due to Britain's drought conditions over a record-breaking summer which has triggered a hop shortage.

The cost of living crisis is impacting individuals as well as businesses and running costs for brewers have sky-rocketed in recent months as they've been hit by huge cost increases for malt, electricity and carbon dioxide.

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Now brewers are also facing a supply shortfall when crops are harvested due to the extremely dry conditions across Europe recently.

Currently the average price of a pint stands at £3.95, but that is sure to rise as the rising temperatures across Europe are causing a real threat to hop supply, reports The Mirror.

Punters have returned to pubs in force following the coronavirus pandemic, but cost of living concerns, rising energy costs and recession fears are still having an impact.

Suffolk brewing giant Adnams has warned its production costs could surge by up to 30% this year and experts predict price rises of 6% in pubs, bars and diners.

Charlie Gorham, of hop merchants Charles Faram, said: “Temperatures in the UK and across Europe are putting pressure on the hop crop.

“Plants are well behind where they should be and are showing signs of severe heat stress. Harvest is due to begin and without rain there will be light yields.”

The Society of Independent Brewers said: “Breweries are seeing huge cost increases. Now, with rising temperatures across Europe, hop supply is under real threat.”

Germany accounts for 73% of the world’s hops, yet water levels on the Rhine are now dangerously low.


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