BBC Weather: ‘Unsettled’ weekend as sunny spells turning into ‘thunderstorms’ on Saturday

BBC Weather forecasts thunderstorms over weekend

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“Unsettled” weekend ahead as sunny spells with temperatures reaching 23C degrees are expected to turn into heavy showers and thunderstorms in south-eastern parts of the UK as Saturday evening approaches, warned BBC weather forecaster Sarah Keith-Lucas. Sunny spells, however, ready to make their way back on Sunday with temperatures set to reach 22C degrees in south-east of Britain. Breezy morning today as some rain expected across the north of Scotland this morning, but spells of sunshine set to develop later in the day, mainly in southern parts of the country.

Mr Sarah Keith-Lucas said: “Through the weekend, high pressure is not going to be far away, drifting its way northwards, but then you will notice these heavy showers pushing north, particularly through Saturday night and into Sunday, so turning increasingly unsettled.

“To start off Saturday morning, dry and fine, long spells of sunshine for most and a little more clouds across northern and western Scotland.

“Any early mist and fog clearing away pretty quickly but the we have those downpours waiting in the wings, pushing towards the Channel Isles later in the afternoon, but ahead of that it’s going to be a warm day, 14C-23C degrees in sunshine.

“But heavy showers and thunderstorms on Saturday evening.

“Could be quite a lot of lighting across parts of central and southern England, perhaps into Wales as well.

“A bit of uncertainty about the exact positioning of these showers and thunderstorms through Saturday night.

“Moving into Sunday, it looks like they will drift their way a bit further north across the UK.

“Sunday likely to be a day of sunny spells and scattered heavy showers with perhaps the odd thunderstorm and some hail mixed in as well.

“Still warm in the south-east, 22C degrees or so, a little cooler close to the east coast with the breeze coming in off the North Sea through Sunday, but still warm in those sunny spells.”

Referring to today’s weather forecast, she added: “It will feel quite windy, more breezy.

“Some rain all down to this front across the north of Scotland this morning.

“Further south, the influence of high pressure but quite a few isobars on the maps of the breeze.

“Rainfall mainly across the north and west of Scotland and the odd spot of drizzle down towards the Pennines but generally that rain pushing up towards Orkney and Shetland and sunny spells developing across parts of Scotland, northern England and Northern Ireland.

“Long spells of sunshine further south but we have that breeze coming in and gusts of 30, perhaps 40mph across the north, but still warm.


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“22C-23C degrees in the south-east, typically in the mid to high teens across Scotland and Northern Ireland as well.

“Through the evening and overnight that breeze will be easing away with most places dry tonight and still the odd spot of rain across northern and westerns parts of Scotland.”

“A few mist and fog patchers across the south, but temperatures to start your Saturday morning certainly frost free, around 6C to 10C degrees”. 

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