Audi driver gets ticket for parking on double yellows; he doesn’t take it well

This is the shocking moment an angry motorist threw away his parking fine in disgust — and then almost crashed into another car as he sped away in anger.

The footage, shared by Manchester Evening News , shows the man has parked his Audi across a cycle lane on double yellow lines.

In the clip, a parking attendant stands in front of the black Audi, having put a ticket on the windscreen.

The driver returns to the vehicle, holding what appears to be a takeaway meal in a bag, and rips the ticket off the windscreen.

He is seen throwing it on the floor and get back into his car.

But the warden takes photographs of the vehicle as it pulls away — straight into the path of another car.

The cycling safety campaigner who filmed the clip on Saturday and who asked not to be named, was visiting Manchester from London at the time.

The disgusted witness said: “I saw the car on the pavement and the traffic warden printing the ticket.

“As I stopped to see the dangerous and inconsiderate parking getting the ticket it deserves, a rare event in London, the driver appeared and ripped the ticket from under his windscreen wiper.

“The warden was calm and dedicated, getting the information and evidence he needed.

“I went to make sure he was OK as it’s a pretty awful way to be treated when doing your job.

"A busy Saturday evening in a city centre – people should be able walk and get about, particularly disabled and children, safely on the pavements and the cycle lane shouldn’t be parked on.

“He’s also parked too close to a corner and drives off with his phone and takeaway in his hand.

“He certainly didn’t indicate and it’s unlikely he looked to see if anything was coming as he drove away at speed.”

The clip has been viewed more than 27,000 times on Twitter.

"Hopefully he’ll be done for littering as well," wrote one viewer.

Another social media user posted: "They should have their car confiscated."

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