At least 9 people bilked in Apple email scam, Waterloo police say

Waterloo Regional Police have issued a warning to area residents after at least nine people were scammed via similar emails purported to be from Apple.

In several incidents, police say the victims received emails, which claimed they had made purchases through their Apple Inc. account or app.

After responding, victims were directed to purchase iTunes gift cards and provide the PIN on the card, according to police.

In one instance, police say a victim was told their Apple account had been compromised before being asked to buy iTunes gift cards and provide the PINs in lieu of the account being fixed.

Police say the nine victims have been defrauded of more than $9,000.

Officers are reminding people to “ensure they are contacting a legitimate company before they release any financial information or make any purchases.“

If you get an email asking you to make any sort of purchase, dig a little deeper or ask someone before you follow through, police say.

Anyone who receives any sort of correspondence claiming their computer has a virus should take the device to a reputable repair shop for help, police add.

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