Arvada police arrest “reckless” motorcyclist who drove on closed street

Arvada police closed a stretch of West 58th Avenue late on the Fourth of July this week, aiming to make it easier for people who gathered for a city fireworks show to leave a sports complex on foot.

But then a motorcyclist blasted past several police officers along the closed street, police say, and thwarted attempts to intercept him. Just before an officer succeeded in stopping him, a mother pushing a stroller with her child in it rushed to move out of his way, police said.

Arvada police reconstructed the incident in exacting detail Thursday, nearly two days after the incident, editing together video from officers’ body cameras to show how close the motorcyclist appeared to come to injuring more people.

By the end of the incident, police said, two officers and the motorcyclist sustained minor injuries.

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Police said officers arrested Trey Patrick Bailey on suspicion of vehicular eluding, a felony, and preliminary misdemeanor charges of driving under the influence, reckless driving, reckless endangerment and obstructing a police officer.

After the fireworks show ended about 10 p.m., police closed 58th between Simms Street and Kipling Parkway.

The video compiled by Arvada police shows the motorcyclist driving at high speed through an intersection. As he continued, a police lieutenant tried to stop him, but a news release says he slowed down, looked at the officer and then continued heading west into a stretch of 58th that was “congested with pedestrians.”

The motorcyclist passed other officers wearing reflective vests, the release says, and an officer alerted a group of pedestrians to the motorcycle just before it sped by.

“Finally, the suspect can be seen approaching Simms St. as a mother with a child in a stroller crosses the street,” the release says, referring to the body-cam video. The mother “moves out of the suspect’s path just in time as an Arvada police officer takes the suspect off the motorcycle.”

The video shows footage taken from the body cameras of officers rushing toward a scrum of officers who are seen pinning Bailey on the pavement.

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