Anti-vaxxers swoop on secondary schools and photograph pupils

Anti-vaxxers swoop on secondary schools and photograph pupils as they bombard them with leaflets claiming: ‘Taking the #clotshot won’t save your granny’

  • Pupils as young as 11 were handed anti-vax fliers warning against taking their jab
  • Police were called to the Sir William Borlase school in Marlow, Buckinghamshire
  • Teaching staff also intervened at two other schools after children ‘harassed’
  • Anti-vax group allegedly took pictures ‘of every child who took the leaflets’
  • Children aged between 12 and 17 now eligible for the Covid vaccine as cases rise

A group of anti-vaxxers swooped on Buckinghamshire secondary schools and photographed pupils as they were bombarded with leaflets claiming ‘taking the #clotshot won’t save your granny’. 

The mob targeted pupils as young as 11 at three secondary schools shouting that the Covid vaccine would also cause paralysis or give them autism.

Pupils were also ‘harassed’ with fliers that contained a QR code with a link to an anti-jab song, as well as warnings not to take the vaccine.

A parent of one pupil targeted by the group said that an individual was ‘taking photos of every child who took the leaflets from them’.

Police were called to the Sir William Borlase school in Marlow on Thursday, while teaching staff had to intervene at The Beaconsfield School on Wednesday and the Amersham School on Monday.

Pupils were targeted with leaflets that said ”taking the #clotshot won’t save your granny’ and ‘#safertowait’

A second leaflet given to pupils asked ‘why would you inject an mRNA jab, still on trial until 2023?’. It also contained a QR code with further warnings against the vaccine

Sir William Borlase in Marlow was targeted by an anti-vax group who handed leaflets to pupils warning against taking their Covid jabs

It comes as children aged between 12 and 17 are now eligible for Covid jabs as part of the latest vaccination programme.

Beaconsfield School head teacher Peter Tang said: ‘As ever, we are focused on making sure our children are thriving in school, and are safe and well at all times.

‘Whilst I recognise the right of anyone to have their voice heard, some of the protesters’ behaviour caused myself and my staff concern.

‘Young people have a right to expect physical and emotional safety from adults and this remains our priority.’

Amersham School head Sharon Jarrett added: ‘No child should feel harassed when either coming to school or leaving school – in my opinion.’

One of the anti-vax flyers stated that ‘taking the #clotshot won’t save your granny’.

A second asked: ‘Why would you inject an mRNA jab, still on trial until 2023?’

Teaching staff had to intervene at The Beaconsfield School as children as young as 11 made their way into school

Experts have warned a subvariant of the Covid Delta strain could be more infectious than its ancestor on the back of data that revealed the proportion of cases linked to the strain has doubled in a month

Coronavirus deaths in the UK on Tuesday rose to their highest daily level since early March as cases continue to rise

However, parents reacted with fury after hearing their children had been targeted. 

Xocoa Sharma, whose son is at the Sir William Borlase school, said: “Anti-vaxxers outside my son’s secondary school today after they heard flu and covid jabs were being given. Shouting the Covid jab gives you autism, scaring the kids.

‘Police had to intervene. My son and his friends already have autism from…wait for it… BIRTH.

‘They were shouting that the covid jab would paralyse them.

‘They were also arguing with teachers saying the injections are poison.’

A mum at the Amersham School added: ‘Your leaflet has been placed exactly where it deserves to be, in the bin.

‘Parents and children can make up their minds.’

Parents reacted with fury after finding out their children had been targeted by a group of anti-vaxxers

One parent claimed the group were shouting that the Covid jab would lead to paralysis and autism

A statement from Thames Valley Police confirmed officers had been called to William Borlase school, saying the group left shortly after officers arrived at the scene.

A police spokesperson said: ‘I can confirm that officers did attend Sir William Borlase school in Marlow to reports that there were people handing out leaflets to those entering the school.

‘Those who were handing out the leaflets then left.’  

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