Andrew Brown Jr was career drug dealer with 180-page rap sheet dating back THIRTY years, search warrant reveals

ANDREW Brown Jr was described as a career drug dealer who had a criminal rap sheet over 180-pages long dating back more than thirty years, in the search warrant signed off a day before his death.

The 40-year-old was fatally shot by a cop attempting to execute the search warrant on April 21 – sparking protests in Elizabeth City, North Carolina where the shooting occurred demanding transparency.

Now details of the search warrant that ultimately led to Brown's death has been revealed.

Authorised on April 20 by North Carolina Superior Court Senior Resident Judge Jerry R. Tillett, it states that a confidential source had been in contact with a senior member of a narcotics task force.

Agent R.D. Johnson of the Dare County Narcotics Task Force was allegedly told by the informant that they had been purchasing illegal drugs from Brown for over a year, according to Fox News.

They claim to have bought "different quantities of cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine from Brown on numerous occasions."

According to the informant, they would meet up with Brown in numerous hotels and motels in both Dare County and Elizabeth City – and even at Brown's Perry Street home on at least three occasions.

The informant then conducted a "controlled purchase" of a quantity of cocaine from Brown while wearing an audio and video recording device under the instruction of the Dare County Narcotics Task Force on March 17.

A second controlled purchase of meth from Brown was carried out on March 29 which was also captured on camera, leading to Pasquotank County Sheriff's Office Investigator D. Ryan Meads requesting a warrant.

According to the warrant, Mead and other agents part of the Albemarle Drug Task Force were  "familiar with Brown and know him to be a source of supply of 'crack' cocaine, cocaine, heroin/fentanyl and methamphetamine to the Elizabeth City/ Pasquotank County area." 

The warrant states investigators believe Brown's Perry Street home in Elizabeth City was "being used to store, package and distribute narcotics, namely 'crack' cocaine".

They believed it was being used as a "secure location" by the 40-year-old to store drugs, paraphernalia, and cash, according to the warrant.

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